POWDER CANDLE® is a powdered candle that is always beautiful on Your table. It does not soot and leaves no excess residue as pillar candles do.

The powder candle is always like new on Your table because it is easy to refresh it. The powder candle is clean and natural because it is made from plant-based ingredients.



1. Pour the candle powder into a non-flammable container. The recommended width of the container is at least 8 cm. In a wide container, the grease does not stick to the sides. This way you can always keep the candle beautiful and new.
2. Insert the wick into the center of the candle powder leaving out a 1-cm end
3. Light a candle and enjoy a clean, warm light.


1. We recommend using a candle snuffer to place the candle or place a non-flammable lid on the container;
2. If You try to blow out the candle, there is a risk of the candle powder blowing out of the container.


1. If you wish to relight the candle, first check the length of the remaining wick by simply lifting the set wax out of the powder.

2. If there is no more wick left or you wish to refresh the candle’s appearance, throw the set wax out, fill the container with preferred amount of powder, insert a new wick and light the candle.